Spread the Health Appalachia

We're working to turn the tide on chronic diseases and spread healthy habits across Appalachia.

Spread the Health Appalachia (STHA) is a comprehensive program to support the communities in the Cumberland Valley area of southeastern Kentucky as they develop healthier lifestyles and create a healthier environment. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease are serious and widespread in the region, but they can be addressed and prevented through individual lifestyle changes and structural improvements. The program consists of an integrated set of activities that aim to increase access to clinical and preventive services, to improve nutrition and access to healthy food options where people live, work, learn and play, and to expand opportunities for physical activity.

STHA is funded by a CDC Community Transformation Grant–Small Communities awarded to Microclinic International (MCI) and is being implemented by MCI in partnership with Bell County Health Department, Cumberland Valley District Health Department and Knox County Health Department, among many other partners in the region.

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