MCI launches Humana-sponsored Community Garden in Kentucky

(Middlesboro, KY) 8 March 2012: Microclinic International (MCI) is working with the Bell County Health Department to create a community garden in the Appalachian region of south eastern Kentucky to promote healthy eating to turn the tide against diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Speaking about the project, Leila Makarechi, MCI’s EVP for Program Management said, “Participants have come together to grow organic produce on a five-acre plot of land donated by the Middlesboro City Council. Groups of micro-clinics receive weekly instruction from master gardener, Pat Biggerstaff. The garden is an exciting example of a community improvement initiative that supplements our micro-clinic program.” The community garden, as well as the larger mircro-clinic program in Kentucky is sponsored by Humana.

Learn more about MCI’s partnership with Humana.

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