Good health is contagious: The Secretariat of Health launches the first Microclinic Social Network Program in Mexico

Puebla, Mexico, January 12, 2017

Mexico is experiencing a public health emergency of epidemic proportions. For the first time in history, the Mexican Ministry of Health issued a health emergency declaration, targeting non-infectious diseases like diabetes.

In response to this national crisis, the State of Puebla, together with the Mexican Secretariat of Health, and the WHO’s Pan-American Health Organization, Microclinic International and the World Diabetes Foundation, launched a major multinational project to prevent and manage the spread of diabetes in Mexico.

So far, this initiative – titled the Microclinic Social Network Program (MSNP) – has launched in 12 health centers in highly vulnerable rural communities and in 1 health center in an urban community in Puebla.

The “microclinics” are the catalytic operating units of the program. Microclinics are comprised of small groups of friends and family who together attend workshops facilitated by trained health personnel and learn how to adopt healthier behaviors. Together and with the assistance of program facilitators, the groups are able to change their own behaviors before teaching others how to live healthier lives.

The microclinics model has been successfully launched in over ten countries, including Jordan, the United States and Kenya. Its impact is measured through the program participants’ positive behavioral changes as well as in their clinical measurements (weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels).

“Program participants effectively become ambassadors for change,” Dr. Daniel Zoughbie, Chief Executive Officer of Microclinic International, explained. “We influence and are influenced by those around us. Where we eat our meals, how often we exercise, what medications we take, and whether or not we monitor our health. This influence can be good or bad. The goal of this program is ultimately to make good health behaviors socially “contagious” and spread through every village and town and city in Mexico.”

Health personnel selected to operate this initiative within the selected jurisdictions are the critical element to project success. With their help, at least 6,500 Microclinic Ambassadors will be certified and commissioned to reach tens of thousands of Mexican diabetic individuals.

The Microclinic approach working in tandem “National Strategy on the Prevention of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus in Mexico” will help to create communities that are informed, empowered, and have co-responsibility in their health care.


Press Contact:

Dr. Daniel Zoughbie
MCI CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board

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