25 July 2011: The Global Micro-Clinic Project changes name to Microclinic International

mci logo

Effective immediately, the Global Micro-Clinic Project (GMCP) will become Microclinic International (MCI). The primary objective of the branding change is to engage communities with our vision to make good health contagious by establishing networks of microclinics in less resourced areas of our world.

Since 2005, Microclinic International has worked with local communities to organize groups of friends, families, and neighbors to learn together, support each other, and share resources as they build a healthier homes and communities. We call these groups “microclinics.”

As we grow our programs in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and now the Americas, we are highlighting our international presence in our new name. We will continue to work to empower people to prevent and manage chronic disease, and give communities tools to combat bad behaviors and make healthy behaviors contagious.

To learn more about our programs and how you can make a financial contribution, visit https://microclinics.org.

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