Huffington Post publishes MCI article on “Rethinking Global Public Health”


(SAN FRANCISCO, August 19, 2013) — Microclinic International Founder, CEO, and President Daniel Zoughbie published a piece in the Huffington Post on Rethinking Global Public Health.

In the piece, Dr. Zoughbie writes about how we need to change our approach to public health. “We need to rethink some basic categories of analysis. For example, a disease may be biologically infectious (e.g. HIV/AIDS) or non-infectious (e.g. diabetes), but the behaviors driving major chronic disease epidemics like diabetes are in a very real way socially ‘infectious.’ What would happen if public health systems around the world thought about diabetes as a socially ‘infectious’ disease? What would they do to contain its spread?”

Read the full piece in the Huffington Post’s TED Weekends series

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