MCI Founder profiled in article on “How Microclinic International is Spreading Healthy Behaviors”

On December 5, 2012, the NGO and social entrepreneur website profiled Microclinic International founder Daniel Zoughbie on how MCI is spreading healthy behaviors.

Article excerpt: “Underlying MCI’s proposition is a bigger idea regarding how we conceptualize and approach global health. ‘We’re so accustomed to thinking about health in an individualistic and medicalized way,’ said Zoughbie. Too often, this leads to diagnoses and treatments that are provided in isolation of patients’ social context, and a tendency to address the biological rather than social determinants of disease. But MCI, he said, ‘sees the social context as part of both the problem and the solution.'”

Read the full article Socially Contagious: How Microclinic International is Spreading Healthy Behaviors by By Grant Tudor on

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