(Mfangano Island, Kenya) 10 August, 2010: Field update from Kenya

From June to July 2010, over 400 residents of Mfangano Island enrolled in the Ekialo Kiona Club! The Voluntary Counseling and Testing-World Cup Program was a great success, with over 400 people tested–more than any other Suba District VCT Clinic in this time period. To be a member of the Ekialo Kiona Club, you need to be a resident of Mfangano Island and know your HIV status every six months.

The Ekialo Kiona Club members also enjoyed the opportunity to watch the World Cup in the Ekialo Kiona Center with our new projector and satellite TV! -Chas Salmen, the OHR-GMCP HIV/AIDS Initiative Director


The Global Micro-Clinic Project has partnered with the Organic Health Response to establish the world’s first micro-clinic network for people living with HIV/AIDS. Utilizing a remote solar Internet center, HIV voluntary counseling and testing hubs, mobile and hand-held technologies, and a vernacular radio station, this pilot will create an indigenous association of health collectives on Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria in Kenya.

Surveillance studies consistently indicate that the 200,000 residents of Suba District on Lake Victoria face HIV prevalence estimated between 25-30%. At highest risk, 22,000 indigenous residents live without electricity, roads, or reliable health infrastructure on Mfangano Island. The GMCP has partnered with the OHR to turn the tide against the HIV/AIDS epidemic around Lake Victoria. By leveraging the power of social networks, promoting healthy behaviors, and bringing technology to Mfangano Island, the GMCP seeks to establish a new paradigm for rural healthcare delivery.

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