(Long Beach, California) 11 February 2010: GMCP CEO Daniel Zoughbie speaks at TED2010

Daniel Zoughbie, the Founder and CEO of the Global Micro-Clinic Project (GMCP) speaks at the 2010 TED Fellows session on GMCP’s micro-clinic model. Building on a philosophy of “contagious health,” the GMCP works to empower people to prevent and manage disease in impoverished areas of our world.

In his TED2010 talk delivered in Long Beach, California on February 10, 2010, Daniel Zoughbie argued that while diseases can be biologically infectious or non-infectious, behaviors leading to major disease epidemics (HIV/AIDS or diabetes) are socially contagious. If negative behaviors can be spread through social networks, positive behaviors can also be spread to prevent and manage major epidemics. Micro-clinics consist of preexisting social networks, equipping groups of people with shared access to education, technology, and social support.

For photos from his talk, please visit our Picasa album.

For more information on Daniel Zoughbie’s selection as a TED Fellow, please visit:

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