(San Francisco) 8 April 2010: MCI Releases First Working Paper

MCI releases its first working paper by Chas Salmen, The Organic Health Response-Global Micro-Clinic Project HIV/AIDS Initiative Director.

The paper, titled The Obesity Famine: The Dual Burden of Nutritional Insecurity in Transition covers how obesity has emerged as a real public health threat in industrialized nations, and how these issues of obesity and malnutrition affect people in developing countries and transitioning societies.


When we look at the distribution of obesity across socio-economic divisions within western nations, and the emergence of obesity in developing nations as well, we see that the explanation of excess causing obesity oversimplifies the complex physiological and economic factors that impact obesity. Instead of viewing obesity and undernutrition as polar opposites, when we take an ecological perspective, it is possible to see these types of malnutrition as manifestations of a similar process. Through an anthropological spyglass, we may be surprised to find the Obesity epidemic as the plumper face of a familiar, ancient antagonist—Famine.

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